Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Fun that doesn’t cost a lot

Financially we are really struggling this year, however, I still want us to have FUN as a family.  Last month I heard about the National Wildlife Federation Great American Backyard Campout.  I knew it was unlikely that we would actually sleep outside in our backyard, but I decided to join the Facebook page and incorporate the ideas into something fun for my kids.

Yesterday was the big day!  It was also our oldest daughter’s 10th birthday.  She didn’t want to cook out for her birthday, so we had her favorite meal and cake in the house and then we took sleeping bags out on the deck and spent the evening gazing at the fire flies and the stars.  We also had a great game of Chubby Bunny.  If you have never played Chubby Bunny you don’t know what you are missing.  You start out with a bag of large marshmallows.  You line all the kids up and give them one marshmallow.  They have to put it in their mouth and without chewing say “chubby bunny”  Everyone who is successful moves to the next round and gets another marshmallow.  Maggie's birthday 10 029 You continue on like this with the kids saying “chubby bunny” each time they add another marshmallow to their mouth until you only have one person left.  This is definitely an outside game, it almost always ends with at least one kid spewing a mouth full of slobber and marshmallows all over the ground.Maggie's birthday 10 032

After Chubby Bunny we spent another hour star gazing, then the kids brought in their sleeping bags and had a campout on the living room floor.

The only added cost for this night of fun was the bag of marshmallows.  I think we have gotten into the mind set as a country that things are only FUN if we spend a lot of money on them.  This year, my family will not be spending money, but we will be having fun.


Xmas Dolly said...

Oh just look at these happy kids! Isn't that wonderful. They're having such a good time! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you enjoyed it. Did you take a look at my give-away? Low entries, and almost over. So hurry quick especially if you like Rock & Roll.

Julie said...

Be extra careful of chubby bunny game. There have been cases where kids have choked to death because the marshmellows get warm and slide over the airway. It is near impossible to remove because it is a gooey mess. I would hate to see something go terribly wrong.

A Homeschool Story said...

Beautiful indeed, and it does not take much money, thank goodness!

We're getting ready to host our second round of s'mores here for our French family, the kids can't wait, and the cousins don't know what they're missing!