Monday, January 11, 2010

You Know You Have a Large Family When . . .

* People ask you if you have two sets of twins. Or about your triplets. You don't have either.

* You get in line for a tour at a museum and they give you your own tour guide.

* You hear "You've got your hands full" at least three times every time you're out in public with your children.

* You start reading a story to one child and end up reading stories to three or four.

* You buy a family pass at a museum but have to pay extra to add all of your children.

* You DO have two sets of twins. And/or triplets.

* You don't fit into a normal minivan.

* You read the fine print on the "Kids Eat Free" offers.

* Everyone you know has less children than you do.

* You go to the grocery store and buy 36 bags of cereal at a time.

* Four pounds of bananas only lasts a day

* You make four dozen cookies and they're all gone the next day.

Anyone got some to add?