Tuesday, August 26, 2008

School starting in Texas

It had been a lazy summer. On Wednesday, August 20th our house was a bustling of activity bright and early. Five children sleepily getting ready for school earlier than they had been up since May. I was surprised at how calmly they all got dressed. We managed to get their school clothes on, teeth brushed, hair brushed and everyone fed by 7am.

It was a happy day for all of us. I was anxious to have my house back so I could conquer it...or attempt to. It was a huge difference from last years first day. We were all excited, but I have to say that when I came home alone to my empty house I was sad. First time I had been at home alone with all of my kids at school. There was plenty to be done. I just couldn't do it. I sat alone thinking of what I would do now that I had no little ones at home anymore.

My house certainly could use a fulltime sahm with no small children underfoot. I could take care of the house with lots of laundry taken care of, my kitchen perpetually clean and good healthy meals for my kidlets. I wanted so much more. I wanted a baby.

Fast forward a year. I am keeping a little boy (20 months) for a school family. I am 18 weeks pregnant. I am ready for this chapter in my life.....my house may not be, lol. Glad to be here and I have some time to myself to get ready for the baby and thrilled that I can have time alone with the baby when he gets here.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Back to School

This week the kids started back to school.

It hit me this summer pretty hard that I now have a middle school student! He is such a wonderful young man and I am incredibly proud of his accomplishments. The very first day of school, he came home to announce that he wanted to try out for the fall play. Oh my, I am so excited. I loved drama club as a student, and I am so happy that he is getting this opportunity. He can't decide if he wants to act or be on the lighting crew.... Haha, must be my kiddo alright.

Our oldest daughter is now the big kid of the family at the elementary school, and she takes her "responsibility" so seriously. She has taken it on herself to walk her kindergarten sister to her classroom. She is blossoming into a very responsible young lady. Somewhere a switch was flipped and she went from carefree little girl to being concerned about everyone around her and doing her part to help out on her own initiative. Wow!

Not to worry, we still have two carefree little ones... The younger two kids are kindergarten and first grade, and they just like school for snack time and recess.

I am enjoying each stage. Every year I think that this is the best stage for kids, but as they grow, it just keeps getting better. I guess sometimes it is good to be wrong. :-)

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Drat-tic-us-interj [LL drat Used primarily by Charlie. Invented by Claire as she reminds us every time Charlie says it.] (2008) 1: darn 2: shoot 3: Curses, foiled again! Example:
“No, Charlie, you don’t have enough money to buy a robot.”
“Oh, dratticus.”
“No, Charlie, you can’t have a cheesestick. It’s almost dinner time.
“Oh, dratticus.”
Sounds best delivered with a pouty lip and a little stamp of the foot. Used for expressing minor disappointment. For major setbacks see: FLING, ROLL as in fling yourself to the floor and roll about vigorously. Planting a kick on your mother is a bonus. As in you get bonus time out minutes. DRATTICUS is never used in these instances.

ito-suffix [SJJ discovered by Charlie in Skippy John Jones: A lengthy picture book. It’s funny but only once if you’re over ten. There’s no limit to funny if you are younger.] (2008) 1: Add to any English word to create an authentic Spanish word 2: Used most frequently when Charlie is in a cheerful or hopeful mood. Example: “Faith, Let’s play Polly Pockitos.” Or “Can I have a cheese stickito?” Can be followed quickly with DRATTICUS.